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When selecting a product or a service the specific characteristics that you look for, would be the unique features, quality, level of fulfillment of the need, affordable price, presentation, etc. Although some characteristics will be visible at the time of purchase, some others will only be known once the product or service is been utilized. However the initial impression created on your mind and the product or service presence may lead you to bring in potential customers. We at LAYOUT index helps you to create the initial impression which gives you added Brand value to your Business.

Branding is all about how your Business is presented to your audience. With a specific brand identity, your audience may recognize you wherever you are. We at LAYOUTINDEX pay attention to every detail that creates a positive brand image on your customers mind. Nevertheless the Brand image will also create familiarity within the minds of the customers. Although Branding is a complex process, our team will ensure that your message is delivered through all sorts of methods such as brochures, logo designs, company profiles, e- brochures, web designs, tv commercials, paper advertisements, leaflets, packaging, e-flyers, etc. to your targeted audience.


Printed branding material plays a major role in branding campaigns. As clear, quality and color coordinated material will represent your brand image and impress your clients to pay attention. Printed material will not only deliver your message but will also be an effective tool for branding activities & will signify the reliability of your business. We at LAYOUTindex takes the pride of designing your corporate branding material, which includes business cards, letterheads, brochures, calendars, hoardings, banners, advertisements, etc.


Your websites is one of the key aspects of your business. Your web presence would make it easy & accessible to many market segments locally and internationally. Our design team at LAYOUTindex considers it as a priority to understand your concept & goals to design you with a beautiful user friendly web design giving your customers an outstanding web experience throughout the website. We guarantee that our simple smart designs & informational websites will reinforce your company portfolio and encourage your clients to be engaged further with your business.



Mitsubishi, Toyota, VW, legendary logos that instantly brand the product and mark is excellence. Logos of McDonalds, Apple with its distinctive bite and Michelin need no introduction to the goods they represent as these brands have captured the market. Today, going digital is the most cost effective way to give a logo the power it deserves to capture the client’s target market.


Most companies pay more emphasis on content and neglect the logo. What the web designer does is to adapt technology to create a compelling logo design that blends with the corporate concept. They transform the brand by placing proper emphasis on the logo through digital design to differentiate the brand from similar service providers.


Brand managers and marketing professionals in Sri Lanka would swear so, as it reinforces standard marketing and branding practices like advertising. The logo is skillfully presented to communicate the purpose of the brand and the core values of the product to its consumers.


Ask any web designer and you would be informed that designing a logo that could one day become iconic needs mastery. Each line should depict a facet of the business if possible, or be outrageously different to capture the imagination, with info-graphics that cross cultural borders. There are good reasons why some logos are high on primary colors such as powerful reds and yellows. Their business necessitates flash, whilst corporate logos tend to be more toned down whilst the stylish logos lean towards white, black and the grey’s.


Top web developers and designers spend hours creating web application that suit each client’s business for no other reason than to make the business easily accessible to a local and global audience. LAYOUTindex Sri Lanka uses its global experience in UK, Germany, Japan and in-country to ensure that online search engines pick the specific media content that display the key product/service area and logo. Key products are not presented blandly either. They are well illuminated by graphic product designs along with a unique logo design. It’s not unusual for some logo to have a true Sri Lankan touch.


There is more to it designing a captivating logo. Like everything else in business, brand logos must be effectively managed to draw customers and build a strong customer base. Using photography and videography on product and content with skillful precision, the web designer goes on to create a rich environment that truly depicts the client’s business. No brand logo or product could sit on its laurels for long without continuous reinforcement of the brand which is why the annual budget for branding alone of iconic brands that have already captured the market runs into millions.

As a Sri Lanka based web developer providing a total solution, LAYOUTindex has proved itself in developing a strong websites reflecting the corporate brand from the logo design to the core objectives of the business.

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