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Why some businesses are more successful than others? Some ascribe it to luck. The question of luck is debatable, but one thing is certain, businesses face intense competition today and need to be different in approach if they were to catch the attention of customers. This means offering much more than the attractive window dressing, occasional advertising, price cuts and special deals. The digital age has offered tremendous potential for businesses to market their goods on a global scale with an effective website.


Guess not, unless the organization has fully fledged IT infrastructure. Most SME’s project their business image the traditional way, such as advertisements in the print and electronic media. To get really far in this digital age entails a different strategy altogether. Here are some decisive factors in making a business visible enough to attract attention of its target market


Not all Sri Lanka web design companies have global reach. This factor works well when it comes to doing a good job of incorporating creativity, color and content for a completely new identity or to rebrand a business altogether. The web design cannot be static, it should be created to change according to that business, to be a customizable package that allows the business owner to continuously update and customize for relevancy. This means media that is rich, that enhances the brand and that contains the keywords necessary to draw attention to the product.


Without a concept that powerfully relates to the customer’s needs, it’s easy to forget your product. A creative web designer would work with full awareness of the target markets whether in Sri Lanka or internationally.

VISIBILITY ensures business success

Visibility is high on the list assuming the product is anyway good. The business that has the good product can still lag behind inferior products that have taken the market by storm, because the producer never tapped the right nerve. Creative web designers have mastered the art of high visibility.

REPETITION - customers can forget

Businesses that take the right course may have a burst of success. But customers are fickle. There is no guarantee that Product B would not make an offering that takes away your customers. Creativity and ongoing repetitive action ensures that customers are constantly reminded of the product. This is easily and cost effectively possible digitally. Even digitally, there are many web designers but it takes some effort to identify the right web solution provider who can provide compelling content and design an online marketing tool that could withstand a constant fluctuating market inundated by new products and services.

Success in business is a careful combination of fact and innovation and who knows this better than LAYOUTindex, a creative web designer company in Colombo, Sri Lanka backed by extensive global experience, having offices in UK, Germany and Japan apart from its Colombo office. Their online marketing tools and SEO services that have seen an exponential growth rate in their clients businesses.

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