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There is one prime reason why marketers seek the assistance of web designers who excel in video production. Online sales today have picked up greatly and have reached the popularity of physical stores. Experts have predicted approximately $ 1.5 trillion annual online sales on consumer goods alone. Businesses today use every opportunity to use digital brand advertising, direct mail marketing, product photography, product packaging, retail catalogs and other visual advertising that must be tapped to its fullest potential to generate product views and sales in markets that fight for consumer attention.


A great video production draws customers to the goods like moths to light. Preparing a product display digitally entails a lot of work. The client expects results. The video should create “buzz” in the target marketplace, or else the entire purpose is lost. It should pick the target market correctly. With tons of e-marketing sites providing the same product, how does one particular product stand out, get noticed and generate sales without sharp, compelling video marketing targeted strategically to a local and global audience. The design should be break-through, out of ordinary, unique and touch the senses of the consumer adequately to propel an action – get out there and buy it! This means the design must synchronize with the technical aspect, color coordinating, style and product specifications to serve the purpose of promoting and strengthening the client’s product in the market. The “wow” factor of the product or service should spring to life, e.g. through 3-D renderings. All this is impossible without two factors - technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of the global e-market, both amply demonstrated by LAYOUTindex through its Sri Lanka office and a network of offices in UK, Germany and Japan.

CREATING A VIDEO PRODUCTION for a client in Sri Lanka or elsewhere

Here’s how we do it. We meet our client initially to get the essence of the project and end-user expectations. Our team galvanizes into action, developing the design keeping in mind its capacity to be distributed across multiple platforms and devices. The essence of the product is captured through video marketing content that encompasses editing, sound, lighting and digital video artwork that tells the client’s story effectively. Whatever we do, it should serve the ultimate purpose of resonating with customer perception of what a product should deliver.

SERVING DIVERSE CLIENTS through sharp, compelling video productions

Although the hospitality and leisure sectors have made full use of video productions, health, pharmaceuticals and FMCG sectors to name a few have forged ahead, using video advertising to reach a vast consumer market in real time. Sri Lanka has developed its IT capacity extensively and according to a Business Monitor International (BMI) study, Sri Lanka is one of the fastest growing IT markets in the region. LAYOUTindex will vouch for that statement, having provided world class digital solutions to meet the needs of strings of clients for over half a decade.

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