The NIBM (National Institute of Business Management) is one of the oldest business schools in Sri Lanka being present in the island for almost half a decade offering upto diploma level education. SInce recent times they have also established NSBM to be the degree awarding school of NIBM.


LAYOUTindex has designed artwork for NIBM to be used across multiple mediums such as Social media, Websites & Newspapers to promote their courses and increase enrollments.

Video Production

NIBM requested a 30 second TV Commercial to be produced for them to encourage school leavers to enroll at NIBM for their higher education. We provided them with a script and did the video production to portray this message via a video that was aired across many TV channels.

Video Production

NIBM needed a 15 second TV Commercial to be aired during commercial breaks on prime time tv shows. LAYOUTindex did the necessary video shoot and video editing to encourage students to enroll at NIBM.

Social media marketing

NIBM is a business school in Sri Lanka having branches in most of the major cities. Since they offer services to the younger generation in the island, they wanted our experienced digital marketing team to handle their Social Media Marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness and increase enrollments.