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Brand Identity Design Services

When selecting a product or a service the specific characteristics that you look for, would be the unique features, quality, level of fulfillment of the need, affordable price, presentation, etc. Although some characteristics will be visible at the time of purchase, some others will only be known once the product or service is been utilized. However, the initial impression created on your mind and the product or service presence may lead you to bring in potential customers. We at LAYOUTindex help you to create the initial impression with top-notch brand identity design services that give you added Brand value.


Branding is all about how your business is presented to your audience. With a specific brand identity, your audience may recognize you wherever you are. We at LAYOUTINDEX pay attention to every detail that creates a positive brand image on your customers mind and try as much to make the initial impression your brand has on potential customers count. Although branding is a complex process, our team will ensure that your message is delivered through all sorts of methods such as brochures, logo designs, company profiles, e- brochures, web designs, tv commercials, paper advertisements, leaflets, packaging, e-flyers, etc... to your targeted audience.

Some of the creative services we offer are:

Logo Design - Your brand identity is crucial to your business' presence both online and offline. Your logo should be memorable, meaningful and relatable to your business and potential customers. Our creative team works with your organization to understand what your brand message and organiaztion values are and design a logo that incorporates the important messages in an astonishingly aesthetic manner.

Printed Material Design - Leaflets, brochures, banners and posters are still very efficient marketing tools. A well designed leaflet could capture the attention of the reader and go a long way in converting the person into a customer. We are well known fr our branded material design and our creative team has vast experience.

UI Design - A website is the online face for your business and it is vital that yur brand message is communicated via it efficiently. It is important that the web development team stick to your brand guidelines when designing/developing your website. Our creative team ensures that we create brand guidelines that go with your identity and our web development team pays extra attention to your brand guidelines during the process of web development.

Creative Digital Content for Marketing - Our creative team designs aesthetically pleasing content to be used on the digital space such as banners for your website, graphic posts to be shared on your social meia platforms, meaningful ad banners with clear call-to-actions that can be placed on third pary websites. Our creatives have high engagement and have been proven time and time again to resonate well with the targeted audience.


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