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Google & Social Media Paid Campaigns

Paid social media marketing campaigns & Google ads are the fastest means to achieve results and good ROI for many an online based business these days. The reason many clients opt to have paid campaigns run compared to other digital marketing strategies such as search engine optimization. Given the improvements in on Google & Social Media platforms is that the ROI is measurable very well and results can be seen in shorter periods when tracking tools and technology in recent times, it has become possible to run paid campaigns to highly targeted audiences instead of shooting in the dark like in the past.

Our digital marketing team comprises of a very talented set of individuals who have vast experience in data crunching and audience compilation. They are also certified in most of the Google and Social Media qualifications. Running paid campaigns is not simply about boosting a post or bidding for a keyword on search engines to display your ad. There has to be a well-thought-of strategy and this is where the collective experience of the team comes into play.  Our team has a collective experience spanning decades in all forms of paid campaigns on all major search engines and social media platforms and are capable of starting campaigns from scratch to meet KPIs set by clients and their investors.

Some of the major campaigns we run are:

Google Search Ads - This involves bidding for the right keyword set via Google Ads to be placed high up on Sponsored Results when potential customers are looking for the services/products your business has to offer. With repeated ads and proper optimization you could be having highly targeted traffic to your website with high intent to purchase. This is one of the faster means of getting good RoI.

Google Display Ads - Like any good branding campaigns, you need to work on getting potential customers used to your business/brand and the message it carries. Tapping into Google's vast Display Network is one of the best ways to go about it. Regardless of whether you want to increase brand familiarity between potential customers and your business or you want to promote a special offer, GDN offers a highly efficient and cost-effective approach.

Universal App Campaigns - Mobile has been dominating the industry in the past few years and nowadays mobile apps are gradually replacing websites and web apps on the digital space. Therefore it is very important to get your mobile app in front of potential customers and encourage them to install it in their smartphone. App campaigns are great to be run over a period of time as it increases in efficiency over time due to the AI that regulates it.

Facebook Ads - Facebook Ads are quite similar to Google Display Ads except that they are shown on Facebook and related companies such as Instagram. This is a very good medium to tap into the younger generations who are more prone to instant buying and have more spending power online.

Facebook App Install Campaigns - Facebook App Install campaigns once again function similar to the Universal App Campaigns but on the Facebook Platform. This is a good medium to promote entertainment, lifestyle and gaming apps.

Lead Generation Campaigns - This is a specialty of ours. We get to provide input from our design and development teams to create high conversion landing pages and then use various means of paid campaigns to target and direct relevant traffic onto the optimized landing page to drive leads to your business.

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