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  • analysing the requirement
  • sketching
  • concept design & prototyping
  • finalizing
  • publishing

Branding - Designs for Printed Material

When selecting a product or a service the specific characteristics that you look for, would be the unique features, quality, level of fulfillment of the need, affordable price, presentation, etc. Although some characteristics will be visible at the time of purchase, some others will only be known once the product or service is been utilized. However the initial impression created on your mind and the product or service presence may lead you to bring in potential customers. We at LAYOUTindex helps you to create the initial impression which gives you added Brand value to your Business.

Branding is all about how your Business is presented to your audience. With a specific brand identity, your audience may recognize you wherever you are. We at LAYOUTINDEX pay attention to every detail that creates a positive brand image on your customers mind. Nevertheless the Brand image will also create familiarity within the minds of the customers. Although Branding is a complex process, our team will ensure that your message is delivered through all sorts of methods such as brochures, logo designs, company profiles, e- brochures, web designs, tv commercials, paper advertisements, leaflets, packaging, e-flyers, etc... to your targeted audience.

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